Ever wonder where the

Top 10% of Private Practice Owners

learn the keys to success?

June 13-15, 2024
Music City Center, Nashville, TN

The Practice Growth Summit ‘24 isn’t an event for just any private practice owner. This is for the top 10% of private practices in the country – the practices you see succeed and wonder how they do it.

Conventional bargain conferences and continuing education courses bring you clinical know-how with carbon-copied content. This event is entirely different.

The Practice Growth Summit ‘24 is a dynamic fusion of some of the most inspiring keynote speakers, pen-to-paper breakout sessions, and team collaboration specifically tailored to fuel your practice’s growth and your team’s engagement.

Previously exclusive and closed for non-members, this is your one opportunity to learn from the best. The Practice Growth Insititute members in attendance make over three times the national average compared to their peers and have grown the best private practice teams in America.

Now you have the chance to join the inner circle. In three action-packed days, you’ll discover your practice’s potential, learn how to build your best team with the best culture ever, and walk away with a proven formula for 20% growth.

If you’re a doctor with a team you want to develop alongside you, apply today. We’ll contact you with more information after reviewing your application.

“This was amazing. I felt like my team took a lot away from it and so did I, both for my personal life and
 in the office. My team is pumped up to take what they’ve learned back to our patients and the 
rest of the team. We are so excited 
about Nashville. I just bought 10 tickets.” 

– Natalie S., Office Manager at 
Barker Dentistry & Implant Center 

The Practice Growth Summit ’24 Isn’t Just Another Doctor Conference.

It's an unforgettable experience.

There’s ONLY ONE EVENT that’s positive, inspirational, ENERGIZING, action-oriented and connects you with the most successful private practice owners.

Our attendees include Dentists, Orthodontists, Chiropractors, Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Ophthalmologists, Periodontists, Pediatricians, Podiatrists, Veterinarians, and other private practice owners like you.

This year we’re tailoring content to specific areas of your business so both you and your team will come away motivated to make meaningful changes.

Doctors should bring leaders within their practice who will move the needle when you get back to the office, including: clinical team leaders, office managers, additional management and hygiene team leaders – and your spouse!

Spend three action-packed days with excited, inspiring doctors and learn their secrets for success

Get energized and walk away with formulas for guaranteed growth and team engagement so you can work less and make more

Practice Growth Summit Member Attendee Annual Collections

Your Growth Game Plan

  • You need new patients not just to grow, but survive: discover what mistakes are holding you back from your practice’s full potential
  • Learn how to maximize your current resources to add patients and increase profitability
  • Walk out with a 12-month strategy to increase your collections by 20%

Revitalize Your Practice Culture

  • Find out how to recruit and retain top team members who will elevate your culture and your practice
  • Develop your Clinical Leaders, Office Managers, and Team Leaders so you can work less and make more
  • Walk away with key coaching techniques and tangible tools to drive performance and reduce conflict

Network & Engage

  • Learn from an ELITE SPEAKER LINEUP that will speak directly to your practice growth, improving your culture and bringing fulfillment to your life
  • Network with 500+ doctors who have grown their private practices and discover their secrets
  • Explore industry-leading products and services, get inspired, and make important connections at our vendor booths


Your journey to success is calling from

Music City Center

located in the heart of downtown Nashville. Will you answer?
Register now and make your mark in the city where legends are made.

Event Itinerary

Wednesday, June 12

Drive into Nashville or fly into BNA (Nashville International Airport). Avoid the lines on Thursday morning and check-in early on Wednesday evening at Music City Center.

Thursday, June 13

Registration opens at 7:30am. Breakfast is on your own and the event begins at 9:00am. Lunch will be provided by The Practice Growth Institute. Dinner is on your own. We recommend getting a reservation for after 6pm.

Friday, June 14

The Exhibit Hall opens at 8:00am. Breakfast is on your own and the event begins at 9:00am. Lunch will be provided by The Practice Growth Institute. Dinner is on your own. We recommend getting a reservation for after 6pm.

Saturday, June 15

The Exhibit Hall opens at 8:30am. Breakfast is on your own. The event begins at 9:00am and ends at 1:00pm. We recommend booking flights for no earlier than 3:00pm. Or, stay and enjoy the rest of the weekend in Nashville!

Learn from Icons of Success at the Practice Growth Summit ‘24

About Jay Geier

Jay Geier has over 25+ years in helping practices grow their businesses, redefine the patient experience and transform teams. His passion is turning practices into businesses, doctors into CEOs, and employees into high-performing individuals and teams.

As the Founder and CEO of The Practice Growth Institute – a firm that specializes in training, developing, and coaching doctors on transforming a private practice into a thriving business – Jay teaches the most impactful, influential, and results-changing principles that exist and are working for private practice owner doctors in your industry today.

The Practice Growth Institute is proud to host over 17,000 Doctors and Team Members at our events each year!

ATTENDING THIS EVENT IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST INVESTMENT you will make in your team, and in your patients, the entire year. I strategically place this event in the middle of the year to give your Practice the boost it needs to finish the year strong.
– Jay Geier

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is the international best-selling author of The 5 Second Rule and four #1 audiobooks on Audible. Her online courses about confidence, courage, and mindset have been taken by more than half a million students, and she is the CEO of a media and digital learning company serving a global consumer audience and Fortune 500 brands. She does VERY limited speaking engagements, but is joining us in June.

Donald Miller

Donald Miller is the CEO of StoryBrand and Business Made Simple. He is the host of the Business Made Simple podcast and is the author of several books including the bestsellers Building a Story Brand, Marketing Made Simple and Business Made Simple. He will show you how to manage the 6 parts of your business to grow.

Jesse Iztler

He started as a rapper on MTV in 1991, became the Manager of the greatest hip hop band ever, Run-DMC, and wrote the anthem for the NY Knicks. He is a serial entrepreneur and will share actionable steps to live your most rewarding life. 

David Salyers

David Salyers was one of the original two marketing executives at Chick-fil-A. He spent 37 years in the Chick-fil-A Marketing Department and most recently served as a Vice President. Having worked at Chick-fil-A for most of his career, he saw the principles of servant leadership and compassion play out in the growth of more than 2,300 Chick-fil-A restaurants around the country. At The Practice Growth Summit, David will recount Chick-fil-A’s biggest successes and share the principles and strategies behind those successes. Plus, focus on how and why to focus on creating raving fans of your business, rather than simply increasing sales.

Dr. Jessica Kriegel

For 15 years, Dr. Kriegel has worked with national and international organizations and Fortune 100 corporations to improve workplace cultures. Jessica will share how to build intentional practice cultures that power your strategy and accelerate performance. Her Culture Equation strategy demystifies the ‘woo’ of culture and demonstrates how to create an intentional culture that drives sustainable profitability and excellence. Jessica will also teach you how to overcome low engagement and drive performance through your people.

Dee Ann Turner

When it comes to running a business, the most important decisions a leader makes are not about products or locations--they're about people. For the past 33 years, Dee Ann Turner has been recruiting, training, and retaining some of the best employees in the restaurant business. Now she's ready to share her secrets on how to build, sustain, and grow an organizational culture that attracts world-class talent and consistently delights customers, no matter what your industry. At The Practice Growth Summit, she’ll also share the essentials to take your leadership development to the next level!

Breakout Presentations for

Doctors, Clinical Team Members and Leadership Teams

Flint Geier

Executive Vice President, The Practice Growth Institute

The driving force behind the New Patient Program, his strategic focus lies in driving growth by prioritizing patient-centric approaches rather than conforming to industry norms or get-rich-quick schemes.

Hannah Lytle

Team Content Director

Dynamic trainer & content developer with a top priority on engineering impactful learning opportunities to drive the performance of team members in private practices

Dr. Bart Precourt

Founder, The Health Edge Program

Creator of the proven 3-step proprietary HEALTH EDGE process to increase your brain function and energy so you can be more productive and get more done in less time.

An Experience That Leaves a Lasting Impression

Proven Tools For Steady, Guaranteed Growth

Learn the strategies doctors like you have used 
to blow their goals out of the water!

Dr. Clay S.
Pensacola, FL

Dr. Daniel W.
Murray, UT

A History of Success Beyond Compare

Don’t just take our word for it: 
The Practice Growth Institute is a 20-Time Townie Choice Award Winner in the Category of Practice Management Consultants.

If, after attending the first day of our event, you don’t feel like we have delivered what we promised, simply approach a Practice Growth Institute team member, request a refund, and you can leave the event.